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 Since its start in 1999, Ardsley Limousine  has committed itself to the Business of ground Transportation programs designed to maximize the value of each client's annual ground transportation spending.


Ardsley Limousine programs are far more than "the ride." Transporting passengers from Point A to Point B in a comfortable, clean, late model, and safe vehicles is the end result of an  extensive and sophisticated process, employing cutting-edge technologies. 

Working with Ardsley Limousine for all your ground Transportation needs will result in the delivery of the  following attributes:


 many of our clients require specific chauffeur greetings, charge policies, etc. At the very least, your chauffeur will introduce themselves, ask if the passenger is comfortable, and thank the passenger at the end of each trip. Radios remain off unless the passenger requests that it be put on.  


Our chauffeurs are uniformed in black suits, ties, white shirts and black shoes and socks. Each chauffeur is inspected by the dispatcher on duty at the time jobs are assigned. If the chauffeur is not properly attired and/or well-groomed, the dispatcher has the authority to dismiss the driver and reassign the jobs to another chauffeur

Safety & Dependability

Late model, well appointed, meticulously maintained vehicles are an Hospitality Limousine priority. Additionally, our chauffeurs and drivers undergo defensive driving training. 

The transportation is available where and when it was scheduled, specifically early morning and late evening pickups 


Ardsley Limousine can be reached 24 hour a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. There are great  staff members on-site to handle reservations, changes, missing passengers/drivers, etc. Our phones are never answered by an answering service, or forwarded to another company. 

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